best free password manager software

10 Best Free Password Manager Software

Password manager software is the new need for the hour. These software’s are considered to be an essential tool for the internet as they help you to make signing into accounts, getting through checkouts and remembering bank account information much easier while increasing your security….


How to Manage Media Files using Joyoshare Media Cutter

For any graphics designer or a company who work digitally, videos and graphics are quite important. It can be used in terms of advertisements or just showing the introduction of the product. Or if you are someone who is working as an affiliate marketer or…

pcloud review

pCloud Review- A Leading Cloud Storage Solution

The time has gone when we were dependent on the physical storage and if it fails, usually we used to lose the data. We have now numerous storage and backup solution available using which you can make your data storage secure and reliable. pCloud is…

Ringba Review

Ringba Review- Enterprise Call Tracking Platform

Have you thought when you make a call to any call center or customer support, they say that your call is being recorded? Why like that? What they do with such recording? If your answer is No or if you don’t have much idea about… review Review- Email extractor and Marketing Tool

Snovio Review: If you are a marketer, then you must be aware of how important email contacts are? However, finding high quality and targeted email contacts is not easy. It takes a lot to get quality email leads through traditional means. People collect email addresses…

What is Cloud Hosting- A Beginner Guide

Let’s understand the meaning of what is Cloud Hosting? Here, the word ‘cloud’ means a large cluster of computing technology which is owned by a large enterprise. Thus Cloud Hosting is an enterprise-class of web hosting or you can say a website hosted on clustered…