Role of Open Source Software in Cloud Computing

Open source software plays a vital role in cloud computing by allowing its basic software elements i.e. virtual machine images and appliances, to be created from easily accessible components.

Importance of Open Source Software in Cloud Computing

Developers can create a database appliance by layering MySQL software onto an instance of the Open Solaris Operating System and performing customizations. These appliances enable cloud computing applications to be deployed, created and dynamically scaled on demand.

Now! Let’s know what makes the role of open source software more important in a cloud-computing environment. Open source components with ease can be used to assemble large applications generates more open source components. For example, in a cloud-computing environment, a Map Reduce algorithm was one of the factors stimulating its development. Now that the tool is used to raise the level at which developers ‘program’ cloud computing applications.

Cloud Computing can save Government Money: You can effectively combine resources with other government districts to evaluate low-cost resources that save money in the short term and provide advance proven solutions that are secure enough to avoid long-term pain.

Many open source software (OSS) projects are commoditized technologies because a group of talented developers are tired of paying for services that can be cloned easily.
Open source projects have strong communities that build better features and offer better support.

The community can be measured by

  • The support forums mean how mature and active the discussion forums are
  • The speed of innovation means how quickly product releases reach shippable status
  • The number of active installations currently in production environments

So, we must say that you can feel comfortable if service, support, and commercial product businesses have been built around open source solutions that the project has some legs and will be around for the foreseeable future.

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