SCI: How They Have Changed the World

Some people and group come with an idea, an aim to change the way we work, we look at the matters. And the same was done by the SCI team.

They say, people don’t know our names, but they know how we have changed the world. And this is a perfect sentence to explain what they do and how they impact.

Recently, we found the interview of their founder and thought to summarize here. They have done a lot for the blockchain community and have done great things for SCI and ICO.

Let’s start and see some of their measure comment on the SCI-

#1 How you started with the Stem Cell project?

Well, it was in 2013, we were working on Camden RAD. As time went on, we realized that there was an incredible opportunity to disrupt traditional referral systems and provide more control over how patients access and manage their medical files through the use of blockchain technology. And this was the start of the Stem cell project.

#2 What was the goal and where you are now

The vision of SCI is still the same although we have changed the name. The way of working has been changed but still, the major research and development is in the area of stem cell treatments and will be following the same way.

We have taken a lot of advantage of the decentralization which gives the user a self-control on the information.

#3 What you expect to achieve with stem cell technology and blockchain technology?

Our expectations are that the healthcare industry is about to become a lot smaller. SCI team is working hard to provide life-changing and life-saving treatments to each and every individual. We are working to provide stem cell treatments to each people no matter where they live and how their status is.

#4 What you are seeing the perspective of cryptocurrency world?

Cryptocurrency has already done a lot and a lot needs to be done. It has changed the way our banking and financial system used to work. When you sit back and compare how things have been changed, you will see the differences.

As far as launching an ICO for this project, it is the most logical way to bring everyone together in what is going to certainly be a group effort. ICOs and cryptocurrency-based companies are defying logic when it comes to disruption – what we thought was disruptive a few years ago is now being overshadowed by some of the projects coming out of the cryptocurrency space.

#5 What are the updates on SCIA tokens?

The SCIA Token is going to be the backbone of everything that the SCI Application offers. The token will allow access to the platform, it will act as currency within the platform to pay for services, storage, and products, and it will provide funding opportunities to research and development initiatives, hospitals, clinics, and more. The token eliminates currency exchange fees and allows you to gain access to specialist consulting through the payment of membership fees using the token.

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