best free password manager software

10 Best Free Password Manager Software

Password manager software is the new need for the hour. These software’s are considered to be an essential tool for the internet as they help you to make signing into accounts, getting through checkouts and remembering bank account information much easier while increasing your security….

What is Cloud Hosting- A Beginner Guide

Let’s understand the meaning of what is Cloud Hosting? Here, the word ‘cloud’ means a large cluster of computing technology which is owned by a large enterprise. Thus Cloud Hosting is an enterprise-class of web hosting or you can say a website hosted on clustered…

How To Do Keyword Research

How To Do Keyword Research And Analysis For SEO

Keyword Research is a vital part of SEO of your website or blog. Driving traffic to your blog is not as easy as it seems to many bloggers but it is literally a process. If you follow all the processes, the odds will always be… Review Review- Earn Money by Shortening URLs

Have you come across the short URL something like Well, I am sure you must have. These are the short URL of the original long URL. Usually, people don’t prefer to use long URL while sharing it with someone, especially on social media. In…

BIng Search

Microsoft’s Bing is Performing Well in Search Engine

Bing is a web search engine. The latest search of Microsoft offering Bing Search is live now. The new Bing Search replaces the Live Search that has failed to compete with search engines such as Yahoo and Google. The Live search is being redirected to…

Best URL Shortener Sites

6 Best URL Shortener Sites You Should Use for short URL

URL shortener was initially developed by Twitter considering their 140-character limitation. But since there are many URL shortener sites came in existence. There are many top URL shortener sites which are doing perfectly fine and many have even started monetizing the short URL. URL shortener…