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Are you an anime fan and keep looking for the best anime streaming websites with lesser or no ads?

Then this article is for you where we will talk about some of the best anime streaming websites. These websites have been chosen keeping the users in mind. These kissanime website is ad-free or with little ads. And also help you enjoy the episodes without any difficulty. People are crazy about the Anime sites and we are just making a way for them to watch in an easy manner.

If you’re a fan of the Anime series then you must have experienced two issues if you don’t have premium subscriptions-

  1. Anime streaming websites are full with advertisements
  2. Most of these sites allow videos with Japanese language

And so it is difficult for other users to enjoy those videos. That is the reason we thought of writing a detailed post on top Anime streaming websites which are less ad crowded and also are available in english audio.

10 best Anime streaming sites to watch Anime Series Online

Let’s start and look for some of the best Anime streaming websites which I have personally crawled from the web.

By using these online Anime streaming websites, you would be able to watch Anime movies either without ads or very little ads.


Hulu is world’s leading video streaming site having amazing original content. And we are keeping Hulu as the best Anime streaming sites because it’s free for normal use. And even if you are getting lots of ads, we have the hack available to skip hulu ads.

Usually, Hulu ads are in between 30 sec to 4 minutes. But using the hacks shared on the article link shared above, we can skip hulu ads and enjoy free Anime movies.

Also, on Hulu you won’t only enjoy the Anime movies but any kind of movies. Hulu is one of the leading websites for all kinds of movies, sports, news and more.

Even if you want to buy the paid plan, it starts at $5.99 per month but most of your needs will be solved with free plan only. And Hulu also comes with 30 days of free trial.


Who don’t know about Netflix?

Netflix has been home to many blockbuster series and movies online. It is also one of the most popular online streaming websites. The site comes with 30-days of free trial and after that you need to go for subscription and it’s worth. You can get every penny of your subscription fee.

And of course you will get the Anime videos here that too in english language with an english subtitles. Also, you can switch between Japanese and English language while watching the videos. So, if you are looking for an authentic platform to watch Anime videos online, Netflix is for you.


Earlier was on the domain name called but now it has been redirected to this new domain-

Although the functionality remains the same but they have included many more videos to their library. The site is dedicated to the Anime and all previous and current videos you can find here. The best thing about the site is, you can get the newest episodes here as well and they have a separate tab for this.


Kissanime is another leading anime streaming website. Earlier they were with the domain name with .to extension but now changed to .ru. But the content remains almost the same.

The best thing about Kissanime is, you can also request a shows or videos from their editors. They have a form as well which can help you in case you are looking for anything specific and also can help you in case of any glitches.


Crunchyroll is another leading anime streaming website. The best thing about crunchyroll is, it is an ad free website. They have a premier section using which they earn and keep the platform ad free. And so, without any popup you can enjoy anime videos.

Crunchyroll is not only known for the anime videos but many more categories are here. Like you can find Magna, shows, news, and TV shows as well. They have a forum as well where you can discuss the issues and can also request any new videos or old videos. The community is always there to help you out. All the videos are in full HD which can make your experience better. On the down side, as the site offers premium subscription and so for few videos you may require a premium account.


Anime-Planet is another leading free anime streaming site. As the site is free anime streaming site but still you won’t find much ads. They use some basic ads for revenue purpose but those are not at all annoying.

You can use their filters to find the best anime movies as per your choice. Clear UI will help you navigate easily and as little ads are there and so you can have a great experience.

There are a couple of cons of the platform as well as all their videos are hosted on Hulu and so you may find the platform a little slow. Another problem with Anime-planet is, for some videos you may require to sign up.


Animefreak is another leading anime site allowing you watch anime movies free. You can watch the latest anime episodes, latest releases, popular anime videos and much more on the platform.

The site is quite clean and you can navigate very easily. Also, if you’re looking to find an anime movie of some particular genre then also you can simply find it from the categories options available. The site is having a huge collection of anime movies and also it is completely free. There are ads on the platform but those are not annoying. Best thing about Animefreak is the site is being updated almost on a daily basis.


Great domain…right?

Yes, it is kind of abbreviation for Anime itself!

The site will help you discover the anime shows to watch. The site is relatively new but has good collection of anime movies. Also, it only uploads those anime movies which are with the US license. The site is quite clean and easy to navigate and also 100% secure. And so while browsing the site using VPN is not required. Please note for all such movie download sites, it is recommended to use VPN while browsing.

#9 Anilinkz

If you’re looking for free anime streaming website, Anilinkz is for you. You can watch and download unlimited anime movies with Anilinkz for free. The interface is pretty clean and you can watch and download unlimited anime videos. Also, this is a no registration anime streaming site and so you don’t have to login for videos.

Anilinkz has a discussion forum where you can connect with fellows and discuss about the new releases, issues, etc. The only problem with Anilinkz is, it has too many ads and so sometimes can be a little annoying.


9anime is another new anime streaming and download site for free. You can use 9anime to download unlimited movies and streaming purpose. The site is completely free to use and has a huge collection of anime movies.

Also, you don’t have to sign up to watch or download any videos.


These were some of the best free anime streaming websites to watch and download anime movies and videos. You can go through these websites and watch the videos in HD quality for free. One thing you should note here is, there can be a time when a or two of these domains might not be working and in that case simply switch to others in the list.


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