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Remember your childhood when we used to have the Nokia basic phone and there used to be a snake game there. Everyone was just crazy about it. Later that snake game got some enhancement and made available for a smartphone with the name

This game is now available for all kinds of devices like smartphones, PC, and other devices. has been enhanced, have come up with better interface and better title and people are enjoying it. Although there are many better games like Xbox one etc. but still is a thriller for many of us. If you are looking to play Xbox one for free, check xbox one emulator for pc.

But with the time you might get bored with and so in those cases, these games like will help you spend some fun time. In this article, we’re going to share some top games like

These games also are on a similar concept where one snake eats the dots present and whenever it touches the sides, the game ends.

All these alternatives are also developed on a similar line with few or many changes. This can make your gaming experience better.

Best games like

All these alternatives I am sharing here are free games like But these might contain some ads or some in-app purchase. But if you are good with seeing a few ads sometimes, you can enjoy all these games like for free.

Now let’s start and look for some of the best games like

#1 is one of the best games like It has over 100 million downloads and quite popular as well. In this game, the user plays a small dots or ball instead of a snake. And that is the difference from The aim of the game is to consume all the small dots in order to make a bigger one and grow in size.

As the game grows, the player bigger and the ball becomes slower. The plethora of strategies can be followed to play The game is available for both iOS and Android.

Download Link: iOS Android


If the snake is no longer exciting you then is for you. It is also one of the best alternatives to Here you play as a tank and you need to shoot out all the small floating objects by saving yourself from the other tanks.

You can increase your level in the game by shooting out the objects and also by maintaining safe from other tanks. The best thing about the is, it allows you to have different modes like-

  • Free for all modes
  • Survival modes
  • 2/4 team modes
  • Domination mode
  • Tag mode
  • Sandbox mode

Again it is available for both iOS and Android.

Download Link: iOS | Android


If you’re looking for an exactly similar game like then is for you. If you have played slither then you will find an exact replica of it.

Here you control the worm by eating the scattered items along with the opponents. And this way you keep upgrading your ladder.

The best part of is, it also contains a chat section which makes it interactive and you can chat with your fellows. Also, it provides an option to customize the worm which makes the gaming experience even better.

Download Link: iOS | Android


Although is little from all these alternatives to but an interesting one. It has a minimalistic design and pleasant as well. In this game, you will have a colored area and the aim is to capture the maximum area. Here instead of the snake, a line will be there which will capture the free space for you. If during the game, your opponents crash your block while you are out then the game will be over.

Although the rules look simpler but has lots of excitement and so has become quite popular these days. is again available for both ios and android.

Download Link: iOS | Android


As the name suggests in this game, we have snowball which you need to control snowball as it grows bigger. The interface of this game is quite cool and you will enjoy for sure, and these are the reasons why we kept this in our best games like You can customize your characters in the game. Also, initially you may find the game easy initially but while you progress it’s quite challenging.

Download Link: iOS | Android


Here you need to control a blocky character with a bow and shoot down your enemies. You will find games similar to

With, I found a great feature called wall where you can hide in case of an emergency. When you will grow in the game, you will get multiple advanced skills and features. The game controls are simple and easy to use. Also, you can play either as a single-player or with groups.

Download Link: iOS | Android

#7 2 2 is more similar to rather than more like But you can also consider this as the best alternative to

The main aim of 2 is to conquer the most dangerous areas by enclosing it within the train you leave behind. This way you can also capture other’s area but make sure they are not cutting your tail. Else you need to again start from the beginning.

Download Link: iOS | Android


If you are looking for a better version of then you should try Due to its amazing feature, is one of the best games like offers multiple game modes to keep the gamers amazed and have a great experience.

Here the aim is to grow your size and eat your opponents. You can eject mass thus by increasing the speed. Also, while playing the game you’ll have multiple options to grow and increase your level.

Download Link: iOS

#9 is another alternative where you need to collect hexagons which will help you grow. You can also take down your opponents by taking their spears. If at any point in time you think some of your enemies has come behind you, you can simply boost your speed. You can boost your speed by clicking the left mouse button.

#10 Snake

Well, this list of games like can’t be completed without mentioning the original snake game. Although it is still with the web version only still you can recall your memory and enjoy. You can play snake game on their website.

Most of you must be knowing how to play this game. Here you need to keep your snake inside a wall and eat the dots. As you will keep eating the dots the speed of snake will speed up. You need to make sure that your snake should not collide with the wall boundary.


These were some of the best games like which you can play on iPhone, Android phone, and web. If you are a fan of snakes these best snake games will give you the best time.

If you have come across any other games like this, feel free to share with us.


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