What is Akamai Netsession client and is it safe to Remove It?

If you’re a techie then you might have come across this application – Akamai Net session. You may find this application while browsing through the installed programs in your system or through task manager.

What is Akamai Netsession?

It is a program by the company Akamai. It is an interface program installed by parent company Akamai to improve your downloads.

But you might be having the questions like-

  • What is Akamai Netses sion?
  • Who installed the Akamai Net session on your computer?
  • From where did this Akamai Net session application came?
  • Is it safe to remove Akamai Net session?
  • Will there be any harm if you remove this Akamai Net session?

Well, you don’t have to worry as we’re going to answer all of your questions in this article!

Akamai Netsession interface is a download manager that helps to increase the speed and quality of the downloads you do through the internet. This is one of the most reliable interfaces which will help you while downloading any kind of files and media from any sources.

You might have not seen but when you download any PDF files or software files, most of the time your download is powered by Akamai Netsession interface.

As per Wikipedia, Akamai delivers content from others’ computer in the form of peer-to-peer networking. When a user tries to download a large file from such systems, these site will prompt for downloading Akamai Net session. This will make the download speed faster and provide smooth connection.

The best thing about Akamai Netsession is, along with internet download manager, it also acts as a peer-to-peer server delivering the content cached on the users’ computer from others’ computer.

How Akamai Net session client did get installed on your computer?

If you’re really thinking how Akamai Net session got installed on your system, then let me tell you it might have come through some software you installed on your system. Akamai Net session is not an official program which comes from official windows computer. And so, there are high chances that it might have got installed in your computer from some other software.

Usually, when we try to install any important software we don’t read the terms and condition and so this kind of software get installed automatically.

How does Akamai Net Session client work?

Akamai Net session allows transfer between those games those have the same files. It doesn’t create a physical connection on your PC instead it is kind of virtual connection and act like a gateway.

As usually games are kept on updating in terms of files and profiles and the game itself need to send the photos. And Akamai Net session help these games make this process smoother and reliable.

There are many video games and software which uses Akamai Net session for their file transfer and downloading. One of the very famous game is Warcraft which follow Akamai Net session for all their transfer processes.

Even if you’re uninstalling this Akamai Net session, there won’t be any serious issues. Just after uninstalling the software you’ll need to patch and update the software manually.

Many top-level software companies used Akamai Net session to push the patches directly to the system or software or even games. And even if you remove this software no harm is going to happen.

Akamai Netsession Interface features

Here are some of the notable features of the Akamai Net session interface-

  • It makes more reliable downloads and faster the process
  • Akamai Net session is an extension of Akamai’s global server network which provide reliable download and patch services to customers across the globe
  • The file and data transfer is very secure with the help Akamai Net session

Should you remove Akamai Net session Interface?

We have reached to the last section of this Akamai Netsession client interface post. And after all the discussion you might be thinking if you should remove it or not?

As we discussed above, Akamai Net session client interface is not a file instead it is a software which helps make download and file transfer more secure and easy. It’s completely up to you if you want to remove it or keep it.

If you think this may harm your system, then let me clear few things to you-

  • It is not a malware or spyware which can create any issue to your computer
  • And even it doesn’t create any security breach as well
  • All the file transfer happening through this P2P system is completely secure and reliable

Even the company says-

“it is not permanently installed on your machine; and you have all the right to remove it anytime you want”


This was all about Akamai Net session client interface where we discussed about what it is, how it came to your system, how it works and whether you should remove Akamai Net session or not.

Now it’s completely depends on you, whether you remove it or not.

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