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If you’re an Xbox game lover and looking to play Xbox on PC then this article on best Xbox one emulator for PC will help you.

For all the gamers out there, games are their part of life and a way to smile and be happy. But sometimes we are not able to play the game of interest due to many reasons. If I will have to name a couple, those can be-

1. Either the cost is too high to afford or
2. The game is not compatible with the system you have. For example, the game is only intended for MAC but you have windows system or so on.

So, no matter what is the reason for you not playing Xbox, this guide on Xbox one emulator for PC is going to help you!

The best thing is using this guide you can play Xbox game without any major investment.

Yes, you heard it right!

You can play Xbox one on windows pc for free.

You can do all these using Xbox one emulators for pc. With some of the best Xbox emulator, you can play all the games of Xbox on your Windows PC.

All you have to do is download the best Xbox one emulator for PC and install it. You can download and install either of the below. Once done you will be able to play Xbox games on PC.

What is Emulator?

Emulators can be a software or hardware where one system which is called a host behave like another system called as a guest. So, basically, it provides an environment where your existing system will have all the required configuration of the guest system.

And this way, you can use all the software and process available for guest system on your host system also.

There are many emulators like an android emulator for iOS and vice versa, windows emulator for MAC and vice-versa and so on.

5 Best Xbox One Emulator for PC/Windows

Here are some of the best Xbox 360 emulator for pc. But the major problem is there are many Xbox 360 emulator for windows. And which one to choose from these lists.

This list of top Xbox one emulator for PC features all the major one in the industry. And this is one of the best guides for all the game lovers.

I hope you have some basic idea about the emulators! If not, then you may check this guide.

For a quick summary, Emulators are basically the converters that convert game codes so that it can support windows PC without a console.

#1 CXBX Emulator

CXBX Emulator is considered to be one of the best emulators for playing Xbox one games or Xbox 360 games. This emulator helps you play the Xbox 360 games on your Windows PC even with low configuration PC.

cxbx emulator

The installation of CXBX Emulator is quite easy and you can download the installer from the below link. Also, the experience of playing the Xbox one games with these Xbox emulators will be the same as playing the original game. There won’t be any lagging while playing the same.


  • Able to emulate many Xbox SDK samples
  • No lag while playing the Xbox 360 games
  • Inbuilt Xbox viewer to manage and view the games


  • CXBX Emulator only support five of Xbox one games
  • Works amazingly with mid to high configuration device and maybe a little slow with the very low configuration system
Download Link


#2 XEON Emulator – Best Xbox Emulator

XEON Emulator is another emulator to play Xbox games on PC. It is one of the most reliable options to play Xbox games on PC available in the market.

xeon emulator

The efficiency of the XEON Emulator is great and so this emulator has been listed at #2 in our list. You can run and play HALO Xbox game with XEON Emulator as well which is kind of specific. This is usually not available with another emulator.


  • Great efficiency and working
  • Play HALO game
  • No lagging on windows and MAC systems


  • The high-end graphics card is a must for smooth playing
  • The developer team has now stopped updating the emulator and so we don’t know when it will stop working
Download Link


#3 Xenia Emulator

Xenia Emulator is another great Xbox one emulator for windows and MAC. You can play all the Xbox 360 games on desktop and laptops.

Xenia Emulator

More 50 Xbox one games can be played with this Xenia Emulator efficiently which is the most by any individual emulator.

They have an active developer team who is working to get all the bug removed and adding more games of the Xbox library.


  • Support more than 50 Xbox one or Xbox one games
  • Has an active community of developers and contributors


You might experience some lag while playing a few of the Xbox one games

Download Link


#4 DXBX Emulators

Similar to CXBX emulator, DXBX Emulator is also one of the top Xbox 360 emulators to play Xbox games on PC. Also, you will find DXBX Emulator similar to CXBX emulator as the source code for both the emulators are the same with some advanced features.

DXBX Emulator

DXBX Emulator can run on almost all the major versions of Windows- 7,8,8.1, and 10. But this will only work with 32-bit. With 64-bit, you will start getting an error.


  • Symbol detecting system
  • Efficient to play high graphics games
  • Can manage and implement API and Kernel


Only support 32-bit system and the user with 64-bits won’t be able to use DXBX Emulator

Download Link


#5 EX360E XBOX Emulator

EX360E is another leading experimental Xbox 360 emulator. Although it is a dedicated Xbox 360 emulator but works perfectly with Xbox one emulator as well. The best thing about EX360E emulator is, it converts the Xbox file to executable file and so you can install it on any windows system without any virtual environment.

EX360E Emulator

The EX360E emulator supports GUI and patches for high configuration games which ensures a smooth experience. The only problem with EX360E emulator is, it only runs on a 64-bit system and so you will face an issue if you’ve 32-bit OS. So, if you’re looking for this great Xbox one emulator then you may upgrade your OS to 64-bit. Else you may also use DXBX emulator which works only for 32-bit.


  • Converts Xbox files to executable file and so can be installed without any virtual environment
  • Runs smoothly for any high graphics game as well


  • Its interface is lacking some finishing touch and so you may not enjoy as with other Xbox one emulators.
  • Only available for 64-bit systems
Download Link


Advantages and Disadvantages of using Xbox one emulator


Free of cost: It’s completely free and no need to spend a single penny. No need to buy Xbox and just download any of the above emulators and install it. And then simply play your favorite game.

Full HD Experience: All the above tested Xbox 306/one emulators are capable of providing full HD experience. And you’ll feel that you are playing on real Xbox one.

Great Audio: If you are a game lover you must be knowing the importance of audio while playing it. And none of these emulators will disappoint you.


Some Lag: If you’re using the emulator you may find some lag while playing the game
Heating Issue: Sometime you may find some heating issue while playing the games for a longer period. Rest of these parameters looks great.


These were some of the best Xbox one emulators to play Xbox games on pc. You can look for the details of these Xbox 360 emulators and download as per need. Also, we have provided here download link which is safe and real download options for you.

For more such awesome software tutorials, please check software section.


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