If you buy a new iOS device then Apple provides you 5 GB free iCloud storage. You can use this space to backup your iOS device. Later if you need more space, you can upgrade the storage or even cancel icloud storage.

Usually, due to many files, people ran out of space out of 5 GB free provided. And in that case, you can buy some additional icloud storage space by spending a few dollars. Below is the pricing of icloud storage plan-

Mean you can get an additional 20 GB by spending just $0.99 per month which costs around $11.88 per year. The amount is quite less (at least from the person using iOS) and so it’s pretty popular among iOS users.

You can use these spaces (5 GB free and additional you bought) to store photos, videos, apps files, and others. But let’s say at a later point of time you thought that you no longer need the additional space and you would like to cancel iCloud storage plan, then this article is for you.

Here we will share step by step guide to cancel icloud storage plan subscription. Please note when you cancel icloud storage plan, only the additional space will vanish and still, you will have that free 5 GB space.

But if your apps data and other files will be beyond 5 GB then some of the apps won’t work. And that is the reason, you should evaluate how much space you need before canceling icloud storage plan subscription.

Cancel iCloud storage subscription

Steps to cancel iCloud storage for iPhone and iPad is little different from MAC book and so we will discuss both separately.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan Subscription for iPhone/iPad

Below steps can be followed to cancel icloud storage plan subscription on the iPhone or iPad.

Open settings from home screen and go to your user name and then select iCloud

iCloud storage subscription

Now click on Manage storage as shown in the above image. This will take you to a new screen where you should select a change storage plan

iCloud storage subscription 01

Here you will find the currently active icloud storage plan on your system. From the list select downgrade option and select the free 5 GB plan in the next screen.

icloud storage plan

This will cancel icloud storage plan subscription. Once done, simply click done and exit. This way you would be easily able to cancel icloud plan in iPod, iPad, and iPhone.

In the next section, we will talk about how to cancel iCloud storage subscription in MAC book.

How to Cancel iCloud Storage Plan Subscription on MAC Book

Please follow the below steps to cancel icloud storage plan subscription on MAC-

  • Login to your account, click on Apple menu and move to system preferences and then select icloud
  • At the lower right corner, you will find an option for manage, click on manage
  • Now on the upper right corner, click on the change storage plan
  • Here click on downgrade option and enter your Apple username and password

Upgrade icloud storage

  • Now select the Free plan (5 GB space) to successfully cancel icloud storage plan.

icloud storage plan

This will immediately cancel your subscription and you will be back to the basic free plan.

Steps to consider before downgrading icloud subscription

There are few precautions those you should follow before canceling icloud storage account or downgrading icloud storage account. These are much required and help you without any data loss risk.

Basically, when you downgrade your account you get less space (5 GB in case of free) and so if you have the data exceeding 5 GB then you will be losing the data.

To avoid the data loss, you should backup all your contacts, photos, videos, calendar, music, and all other files to some other device or storage. Once done then only cancel icloud subscription or downgrade icloud subscription.


These were the easiest way to cancel icloud storage subscription on MAC, iPad, iPhone, and iPod. You can follow those accordingly and get back to the basic plan which allows free 5 GB storage. Please try and let me know if you find any issue in the comment box. For more such posts, please check our technology section.


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