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Steps to Create Pay Per Call Campaign In Google Ads

We have talked a lot about pay per call in our other post and in this post, we’re going to share the steps to create pay per call campaign in Google ads.

Google ads are the world’s leading the advertisement company and are easy to use as well. And so, in this tutorial, we’re going to talk about steps to create pay per call campaign in Google ads. Believe me, it won’t take more than 15 minutes to create a new pay per call on Google.

steps to create pay per call campaign in Google ads

Follow along with me with the steps to create pay per call campaign in Google ads. Let’s start and see the step by step guide to creating pay per call ads on Google.

#1 Sign in Google Ads

Sign in to your Google ads and you’ll find the new Google ads dashboard something like below-

create pay per call campaign in google ads

Here are those sections showed above-

  1. The left navigation menu
  2. The “grey” top bar
  3. Page menu
  4. The subpage menu (just below the top bar)
  5. Table toolbar

#2 Select campaign goal and type

Move to the campaign page and click on the blue plus icon shown below and select the new campaign. This will take you to the page where you can select the campaign type. You may also select SALES, LEADS or create a campaign without the goal.

Google ads Pay per call

Now move to the bottom of the campaign page and select the campaign type. Search the kind of campaign and select the phone call.

Google ads Pay per call

#3 Configure the ad campaign

Once you’ve selected the details, it’s time to set the campaign bid, budget, and targeting.

Google ads Pay per call

#4 Create Ad Group

Usually, any ad account has the following hierarchy: Account Name🡪 Campaign Name🡪 Ad set Name🡪 Ad Name.

Here you can create the ad group inside which you can have multiple ads. There can be multiple ads inside an ad group. This can be created by selecting the ad group menu from the left navigation pane.

#5 Add keywords to the ad group

The next step is to add the keywords to the ad group you have just created. Please note keywords are added at the ad group level. And that’s why before you add the keywords, first select the ad group in which you will add the keywords.

#6 Create the required ad

Once you have set up the campaign and ad group, it’s time to create the ad. Again, here first you need to select the ad group inside which you’ll create the ad. And also select the ads and extensions from the left menu.

Google ads Pay per call

#7 Review your campaign

Here is the checklist of the ad you need to review before you click the publish button.

The location settings to make sure that the ads are configured to deliver to people in your preferred location.

Check the ads scheduled to prevent ads from running outside your working hours.

  • Check the bids to make sure you’re not bidding too high for clicks.
  • Check the campaign goal
  • Check the keywords match type
  • Check the target demography
  • Cross check the ads for typos, etc.


These were the top 7 steps to create a pay per call campaign in Google ads. Make sure you do keyword research and learn the details of the pay per call ads. To learn everything you need to know in order to build a massive pay per call business, join Ringba’s free Pay Per Call Masterclass to learn about the pay per call ads. Follow these steps to create the pay per call ad in Google and get started with the amazing world of advertising.

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