5 Excellent Ways to Blog for Your E-Commerce Site

Finally, you’ve managed to set up your E-Commerce site and everything is running smoothly except for one thing: you don’t have as many customers as you had approximated, and successful sales aren’t picking up yet.

One reason for people not proceeding to the checkout point after filling their shopping carts is fear. If there were not as many phishing vulnerabilities, threats of malware and poor client service, then this might not have been the case. Customers need to trust your site before they even click its link.

It doesn’t matter what area you specialize in; jewelry, clothing or accessories. In spite of all this, there should be content in your marketing strategies.

All sales are centered on how updated you are to current trends and how information is presented to clients since better and informative content has a higher search engine rank as well as attracts more customers.

Therefore, here is what you should do to appeal to potential customers to purchase products and services from your E-Commerce site.

I. Show that others trust you

People are more likely to believe what they hear from others regarding your services rather than what you say, even though you are clear on what you offer. Therefore, every satisfied customer who leaves a testimonial should be used to appeal to other clients on your site. Text testimonials are powerful but at this digital age, you should opt for a video version of it.

Another way of reaching out to customers is by making sure all positive things that are said by other companies about you are displayed on the ‘news’ section of your website. The effect is seismic if you get the chance to feature infamous media corporates, as this automatically embeds trust to customers. It’s even better to mention or display which media houses you were once featured in.

II. Prove that your website is secure

Nowadays, people are well informed about online security protocols and will be out looking for the ‘s’ on the address bar, https and not HTTP, as well as the green padlock symbol beside it that tells which site is secure. This is one of many SEO optimization tricks you can use to give your site a boost.

To secure their servers, websites use secure sockets layer (SSL) to encrypt information that appears on your browser from the server. All this is made possible by acquiring an SSL certification. Additionally, a well-managed e-commerce site can provide this certificate upon request, and ensure that you are secure up to the time you checkout.

However, if the e-commerce site doesn’t automatically tell users that the site is secure when they check out, you should display your SSL certificate or a brief text to notify of the same.

III. Lifestyle content that hooks headers

People will not actually buy anything you have if they cannot relate them to their way of life. You need to sell products having your client’s point of view in mind.
For instance, you can feature some sort of lifestyle, and in the same process introduce your product. This is a simple way of selling your ideas without appearing to be desperate or trying too hard.

Moreover, if you run a lifestyle blog, you make more money by setting affiliate links on the blog.

IV. Education to get the sale

Educated customers drive sales, right? You don’t have to teach your customers about a product by scripting its description. Rather, you can do so in a blog and let them know tricks of wise buying, news about products, improvisation techniques and so forth.

It’s interesting because this method works for as many products as you wish.

There are many products retailing in your online store. Show customers how to use each product as well as the benefits they get from purchasing them. If possible, explainer videos on YouTube on any other platform will work as well.

V. Get valuable feedback for better sales

Since there has to be interaction on any blog, we get to understand what the customer thinks before purchasing a product. This is valuable information in building up knowledge on likes and dislikes, what they want to buy and what is becoming obsolete.

It goes without saying – the comment section. This is a minefield of information that most blogs are afraid of. It matters to know what they are angry about and what makes customers happy.
When you know what your customers prefer, then you are on your way to making big sales.


The first encounter for both physical and online stores among customers is always the same – walkabout, examine products and settle on whatever products they think suits their standards. Therefore, if you want more customers to buy products and services from your online website, then you need to make them believe you are worthy of their trust.

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