FireDL is one of the great apps by freelance developers which make the apps installation on Firestick very easy. There are many FireDL codes which can help you do this and in this tutorial, we are going to talk about the same. We will also see how to download FireDL and working FireDL codes.


FireDL enables the user to install any android apps on firestick or fire tv just by entering the FireDL codes. We will share the working FireDL codes in a later section of this post.

In this detailed tutorial, we are going to share 100% working firedl codes which can help you install android apps on firestick. We will also share the steps to install FireDL.

What is FireDL?

FireDL is an app which offers downloading features on Firestick or Fire TV. FireDL is an android application which is available on official Google play store. This is the only app which allows you install any android app on Firestick TV.

One thing you should note is, FireDL won’t directly install the apps on Firestick. First we need to install FireDL  and then you can install android apps on Firestick easily.

Another feature of FireDL is, it also allows you to share videos on Firestick TV. Here we will also see how to transfer files to Firestick using the FireDL app. The files which we can transfer can be- .mp4, .apk, and .zip files.

Step by step process to install FireDL on Firestick

In this section we will see how to install FireDL on firestick or Fire TV. Just follow the below steps and get the FireDL app installed on your system.

Step-1: Open Device

Open firestick and go to settings. Here you will find an option for “Device” icon.

Step-2: Open developer option

Here from the device dropdown, select the Developer option

Open developer

Step-3: Enable apps from unknown sources

You need to enable apps from unknown sources for all kinds of installation. If you will look into the cCloud TV installation on Kodi also, you will find we enabled apps from unknown sources there. This helps to install apps from third parties like FireDL apps.

Enable apps

Step-4: Search for Firedl

Here select the search icon and then search for “firedl”. You can search by typing from Firestick remote or even you can search audio from Firestick remote. A set of result will appear and then select the FireDL app from the list. You can navigate here with the help of Firestick remote.

Search for Firedl

Step-5: Download App

Once you will open this FireDL app, you will get a link to download this app. This process is the same for any other app you install on Firestick.

Download app

Step-6: Open the FireDL App

Once the download will get complete, you will find an option to open the app. This is again same for all other apps you install on Firestick.

Step-7: Here enter FireDL

Once you will open FireDL, you will get a popup box where you can enter the FireDL codes. In the below section, you can find all the 100% working FireDL codes.

Enter Fire DL

That’s all!

Simply enter the Firedl codes using your remote and simply click on next.

100% working FireDL Codes

Below are some of the working Firedl codes which you can use.

  1. 300013 – AMAZE FILE MANAGER
  2. 680028 – MOBILE TV
  3. 693082 – Redbox TV
  4. 170607 – TV TAP 2.1 FIRESTICK
  5. 050504 – USTV 4K
  6. 680010 – HBO MOVIES
  7. 564837 – MOBDRO
  8. 518809 – MX PLAYER
  9. 124349 – IPTV Smarters Pro
  10. 452090 – Freeflix HQ
  11. kodi1832 – Kodi 18 Leia
  12. 617329 – Cyberflix TV
  13. 296283 – Kodi 17.6 Krypton
  14. 808853 – TeaTV Official
  15. 655995 – Cinema HD APK 2.0.5
  16. 680021 – I4SPORTS –
  17. 300014 – VLC 2.0.6 ARMV7
  18. 300008 – MOUSE TOGGLE 1.09
  19. 539401 – NEWEST MOVIES V 1.4
  20. 680025 – GEO STREAMZ
  21. 600000 – STREAM!
  22. 680032 – CINEMAX
  23. 440289 – MOVIE HD 4.5.5
  24. 666244 – TERRARIUM TV APK
  25. 300006 – FILDO
  26. 300010 – ES EXPLORER
  27. 355326 – MORPH TV
  28. 280847– APTOIDE
  29. 022997 – YESPLAYER
  30. 829111 – DIGIBIT VPN
  31. 296282 – KODI 17.6 64 BIT APK ANDROID
  32. 300012 – APTOIDE
  33. 300016 – APTOIDE TV

FireDL Codes List for Amazon Firestick 2019

Here are some dedicated firedl codes for amazon Firestick for 2019

Application NameFireDL Codes
Kodi 17.6999000
ES Explorer 4.1.6300010
Live NetTV(Fire Devices)680013
Geo Streamz680025
Bobby Movie680032
Live Net TV790249
FreeFlix HQ452090
Morph TV355326
IPTV App680018
HBO Movies680010
Mobile TV680028
MX Player278885
Cinema APK355256
Durex Kodi Build908034
Terrarium TV FireDL Code666244

FireDL codes for Kodi Add-ons or Kodi Builds

Here are some dedicated firedl codes for Kodi add-ons or Kodi builds. You may check what is Kodi build here.

Application NameFireDL Codes
Kodi Krypton (Kodi)368921
Kodi (64Bit)205741
Kodi 17.3781861
Kodi 17.4 32bit Arm (Firesticks)831177
Beast Build Kodi 17.4424352
Blackice v5 Kodi Add-on336209
Uno Streams Kodi Addon118102
Kodi 17.4 64Bit359045
Kodi Vegas Mc 17.3867083
Kodi 17.4 32Bit370660
Blackice V2 Kodi add-on118938
Bucks Build Kodi 17 Version980004
Kodi 17.3 with Pulse Repo Installed620044
Bucks Build Kodi 16 Version980003
Kodi 17.3+Ares929273
Kodi_forkmade++16.1/Flipmode Buffalony484101

How to install FireDL App on Android phone/device?

Now let’s talk about how to install firedl on android device. There are actually two methods using which you can install firedl app-

  1. Download and install from the official Google play store
  2. Download and install using APK file of Firedl

Let’s first look into ,the first step to install firedl on android.

#1 Install Firedl app on Android using play store

Follow the below steps to install firedl on android using the official google play store.

Step-1: Open play store on your phone and search firedl

From your android phone, open play store and search for Firedl app. You can use this link to go directly to the firedl app- link

Firedl android

Step-2: Install FireDL and Open it

Open this search result and click on install the app. Once installed, open the FireDL app. You can also find an icon available on your phone screen for firedl.

Install FireDL

That’s all!

You’ve installed the FireDL app successful on your android mobile phone.

#2 Install FireDL on Android device using APK

This is the second method to install FireDL on android using APK. Although I recommend the first method using official Play Store app. But you can learn this as an additional option.

Again simply follow the below steps to install FireDL android app on android phone using APK method.

Step-1: Enable unknown source

As discussed above and earlier also, we need to enable the unknown sources whenever we need to install any third party apps.

If you are using the Android version before 8 then follow this path to enable the unknown sources- Settings> Security Settings> Unknown Sources> the Enable

For the android version 8, this option has been removed. And now whenever you will try to install any third party app, directly android will ask if you want to enable or not.

Step-2: Download FireDL APK

You can download the FireDL apk using this link. Below are the specifications of this FireDL APK-

  • Name:        FireDL
  • Category:        Bulk App Downloader
  • License Type:        Free
  • Version:        v0.15
  • Offered By:        aidyMatic
  • Last Update:        2019
  • Require Version:        Android 5.0 & Higher
  • Size of the app:        2.96 MB
  • Download Link        FireDL APK

Step-3: Install Downloaded APK

Now as you have downloaded the FireDL APK, let’s install this. Simply double click and install as you install any other file. Make sure to enable the unknown source link if you use android version before 8 or allow installing on popup of android 8.0.

Till this you have successfully installed the FireDL app on android phone using APK also. Now you can open it from the icon.


These were all about what is FireDL Codes, FireDL App, and how to install FireDL on firestick and android phone.

Do try and enjoy all the android apps directly on Firestick as well. If you face any issue, feel free to comment here.


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