FMWhatsApp Download Apk Latest Version for Android

Have you ever seen people using some similar app like WhatsApp but with many interesting features? If yes, then those are WhatsApp mod. These are really fun using and one of the most interesting WhatsApp mod is FMWhatsApp.

In this post, we are going to talk about FMWhatsApp apk download link and how to use it. FMWhatsApp is a special version/type of YoWhatsApp and has almost all the features.

Here we’re going to talk about how to download latest version of FMWhatsApp apk, how to install it and use it further. This WhatsApp mod app contains lots of amazing features which can’t be found in the official WhatsApp app. And this is the reason I said, using FMWhatsApp is more interesting!

There are various reasons why people are now crazy for the FMWhatsApp-

  • It provides us extra customization
  • Additional privacy and security than the official app
  • You can start/stop some specific function in FMWhatsApp which makes it more favorable

There are many such features of FMWhatsApp which can make you download FMWhatsApp apk latest version which is 7.92 in the market.

What is FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is one of the best and popular WhatsApp mod applications which is getting momentum. The app has been developed by the founder of Fouad Apps, Fouad Mokdad.

This leading WhatsApp mod allows various customizations like hiding blue tick, last seen, double ticks, and many such hacks. These all are available for free in FMWhatsApp apk.

Also, one of the major reasons why people download FMWhatsApp apk is, they can now get rid of the boring green layout of WhatsApp. Using FMWhatsApp, you can select a different color for the WhatsApp and with lots of themes as well.

The app has thousands of themes collection and you can enjoy any of those as needed. The best thing is, all those themes available with FMWhatsApp apk is free to use.

As FMWhatsApp is not the original WhatsApp application and it is a mod and so you can’t find it in Google play store. And so, people used to search for the FMWhatsApp apk download link. And if you’re also one of those then you are at the right place.

Below is the link to download latest version FMWhatsApp apk. If you already know how to install FMWhatsApp apk on an android phone it’s great else keep on reading. I am sharing it at the end of this tutorial.

App NameFMWhatsApp
DeveloperFouad Apps
Size53.2 MB
APK/Package Namecom.fmwhatsapp
App TypeWhatsApp Mod
Latest Update Date29 May 2019


FM WhatsApp v7.92 Features

Now as you have downloaded the FM WhatsApp apk, let’s understand its features so that you can get most out of it. Let’s see some of the great features of FM WhatsApp v7.92 here-

#1 Customization

Here are some of the customization features which you can use with FMWhatsApp app-

FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

  • Using FMWhatsApp apk, you can get rid of the boring green layout of the WhatsApp and change the color of your choice.
  • Use any theme from the thousands of free themes available in the library
  • You may also change the icon color of WhatsApp by using the latest version of FM WhatsApp apk

#2 Privacy

Privacy is something everyone keeps on looking and we should too. Ultimately, we use WhatsApp for personal chats and no one would like if those are being exposed. Here are some of the privacy features by FM WhatsApp-

  • You can add privacy features like hiding last seen, status is seen, etc. with a single click
  • You can also disable video calling feature, double click, and blue tick as well
  • FM WhatsApp has got inbuilt lock feature which helps you secure it

#3 Exclusive FM WhatsApp Feature

Here are some amazing features of FMWhatsApp Apk latest version-

  • It allows you to send a message to any number without saving it
  • Official WhatsApp allows you to pin 3 chats but FM WhatsApp apk allows you save up to 100 chats
  • You can also change the WhatsApp group color so that you can categorize those properly

#4 Security Features

  • In terms of security, the best feature is inbuilt lock which allows you to lock your WhatsApp without the need of any external app
  • You may also add a pin to any chats and so only that chat can be read if have pinned. This makes the conversation more secure

#5 Increase in Limit

  • With the help of FM WhatsApp, you may now send a message to a group of 500 people at once which is 5 in case of official WhatsApp
  • You can send 60 images at once as well which is way more than the official WhatsApp again

There are many such amazing features of this WhatsApp mod. Although there are tons of WhatsApp mod like OGWhatsApp, YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, and more but personally I like FM WhatsApp much.

FMWhatsApp APK Download Latest Version for Android

Although here I am providing the working and latest FMWhatsApp apk download link still people find it difficult to find this software. This is just because they land on some incorrect site and there, they have a bad experience.

So, don’t go here and there!

Simply stick to this link and download latest FMWhatsApp apk free. We also keep on updating this list whenever any new version is being published by the developer. I have personally tested this version and has worked for me amazingly.

How to install FMWhatsApp Apk on Android

Now let’s start and look for how to install FMWhatsApp apk latest version on your smartphone. Please note you don’t have to root your android phone for this. And the steps to install FMWhatsApp apk is pretty simple. But as it has not been downloaded from Google play store and so your Android OS (a product of Google) will consider it as the untrusted source. And so, you might get a warning like “unknown source”. If you are getting this error, here is how you can resolve it-

  • Go to setting of your android phone
  • Click on additional setting and select privacy menu
  • There you will find an option for “Allow Installation from Unknown Sources”. Just activate that and proceed with the below steps.

Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Here I am assuming that you have already downloaded the FMWhatsApp Apk v7.92 file from the link shared above. If not, please download it now and follow the below steps.


Step-1: Open the download folder and click on FMWhatsApp apk

Step-2: Click next and install the application on your android phone

FMWhatsApp install steps

Step-3: Once the installation will be done, you will get a screen like below. Now launch the FMWhatsApp by selecting the open button from here-

FMWhatsApp install Complete screen

Step-4: Now you will get the same user interface (UI) like official WhatsApp

Step-5: Now follow the same steps to register your mobile number as you do on official WhatsApp

These were some of the simple steps to install FMWhatsApp apk on your android phone. Now you can start using FMWhatsApp like the normal WhatsApp you use but with additional features. You can use all the features of FMWhatsApp which we discussed above.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about FMWhatsApp

There are so many questions about the FMWhatsApp and other WhatsApp mod on the internet and so I thought to discuss those here. Here I am taking some major questions about FMWhatsApp and also some questions which you should know before downloading FMWhatsApp apk.

Q1: Does FMWhatsApp APK contain a virus

Not at all!

FMWhatsApp apk doesn’t contain any virus. Just make sure to download from the trusted link (shared above). You can easily install and use this without any fear.

Q2: Will I get blocked from WhatsApp if I will use FMWhatsApp?

No way. There is no way WhatsApp can ban you if you use FMWhatsApp also. I am personally using it and it is working amazingly. You can do too without any fear in mind.

Q3: Can I use multiple WhatsApp using FMWhatsApp?

No, and this is the most disappointing feature of FMWhatsApp. You can’t use both official WhatsApp and FMWhatsApp both on the same Android device. If you are looking for multiple WhatsApp account, download any other WhatsApp mod and FMWhatsApp apk.

Q4: How can I update the FMWhatsApp app?

As there is no official website for this and so you need to do it manually. But you will receive notifications while using FMWhatsApp. Once you have received the notification, you can come back to the same page and can download FMWhatsApp apk latest version.


These were all about FMWhatsApp download apk latest version for android phone. The latest version is v7.92which we have shared over here. You can download FMWhatsApp latest version and install as described above.

I would suggest you make this page bookmark as this will be needed when you want to update the FMWhatsApp with the latest version. Please try and share your experience with us.

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