How To Install Kodi On Roku TV

If you have been watching TV then there is a high probability that you must have heard this term called Roku. Even you might have come across Kodi on Roku.

But what is Roku?

Roku is a media player box which converts an ordinary TV to a smart TV. Isn’t it interesting?

Yes, it is and so Roku TV is one of the most popular media player boxes and millions of users are using this. Roku offers a wide range of entertainment and useful features for digital content.

And even we have another software which works on almost all the major operating system called as Kodi. And so, if we are able to install Kodi on Roku TV then we can enjoy smart tv on all the operating systems. Means you can enjoy Roku on firestick, android tv, iOS, and others.

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In this detailed tutorial, we are going to talk about how to install Kodi on Roku tv. These step by step guide to install Kodi on Roku tv is applicable to Roku 2, 3, and 4.

What is Roku TV?

In simple words, we can say that Roku is a system which allows you to watch premium video content free using the internet. Means it’s a kind of software using which you can watch any video free online.

You will find the major digital video content platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc on Roku TV. This is same as apps are there in your smartphone.

Most of the content is preloaded on Roku TV but there are some channels from where you can get fresh content. For example, you can get all the content of Hulu one day later after it has streamed on Hulu. In the same way, Sling TV allows live streaming on Roku TV.

No matter what Roku version or box you’re using, the OS used here is the same. And that is the reason we are trying to install Kodi on Roku so that all the operating systems can be covered here.

And so, no matter what Roku device you’re using you will have access to the same channels and features.

Roku Features

Here are some of the interesting features of Roku which can help you use the Roku TV in many efficient ways.

  • More than 3000 TV channels are available on Roku TV
  • You can connect Roku TV to your normal TV via HDMI cable which you need to buy extra. HDMI cables are not included with Roku tv box
  • All the Roku devices are HD loaded and you can enjoy videos in 1080p format
  • You can control Roku device using Roku mobile app which is free
  • Roku connects to your WiFi
  • Each device comes with a remote to control the TV channels and other features

Now as you know how helpful Roku tv is for you as it can convert a simple tv to smart tv and so let’s explore further.

Again, just think of if somehow we can integrate the world’s best media player software Kodi to best media streaming device Roku, what will happen. Yes, that’s possible and we are going to talk about the same here- how to use Roku on Kodi.

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The question like can Kodi be installed on Roku are floating on various technology forums. And so, I thought to craft a post to install Kodi on Roku 2, Roku 3, and Roku 4.

How to install Kodi on Roku 4

Roku 4 is the latest version of Roku and we’re going to see how to install Kodi on Roku 4.

Kodi software has been built with the following coding languages-

  1. C
  2. C++
  3. C#

Now the problem is, Roku is not supporting any of the three languages mentioned above. And that is the reason why directly Kodi is not supported.

But no need to worry!

Still, we can mirror Kodi screen to Roku and enjoy Kodi on Roku. To mirror Kodi tv on Roku tv, we’re going to use VGA cable. So, with the help of VGA cable, we will mirror Kodi tv on Roku tv.

But before we move further, here are some requirements to mirror Kodi on tv-

  1. Laptop of PC
  2. HDMI cable to connect
  3. VGA cable to mirror
  4. 3.5 mm audio jack headset

Although the wireless method to mirror Kodi on Roku tv is also available which we will discuss in the next section.

Step-1: Plug cables to TV and Roku Device

Here plugin the one end of HDMI cable to your smart TV and other ends to Roku media player. Make sure power connection is enabled and you have started your devices.

roku device

Step-2: Install Kodi on your Laptop/PC

Now start your laptop or PC and install Kodi software on your system. We will be then connecting this through VGA cable.

Step-3: Connect TV with PC using VGA cable

Here connect your laptop (or PC) to your smart TV or Roku TV using the VGA cable we were discussing. You can check the below image as to how to connect. Usually, we connect one end of VGA cable to your laptop and other to Roku TV or smart TV.

VGA cable

Step-4: Connect Audio Jack

As we know VGA can only mirror the content and not the audio. And so we will be using 3.5mm audio jack to catch the audio as well. So, insert the 3.5mm audio jack into PC and TV so that you can listen to the audio as well.

Step-5: Mirror Kodi on Roku TV

This is the final step where you can go to control panel and select Display. Here further select Adjust the resolution and make sure that TV is selected in display drop-down box: Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution. In some systems, this can be a little different and so you should select as per your system.

That’s all about mirroring Kodi on Roku 4 TV. You will be easily able to get all the things from Kodi TV to Roku TV. Now let’s talk about installing Kodi on Roku 3 TV.\

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How to install Kodi on Roku 3

For this method, we will be using the wireless technique and so no need for those HDMI and VGA cables. Here we will be connecting Kodi to Roku TV wireless. Just follow the step by step guide shown below.

Step-1: Open Roku Settings

Roku 3 allows screen mirroring facility and for this press the home button of your remote and then go to settings.

roku settings

Step-2: Enable Screen Mirroring

Here you’ll find many options and from those select the “screen mirroring” function.

Enable Screen Mirroring

Step-3: Download & Install Screen Mirroring App on Android

In this step, we will visit the Google Play Store and download any working screen mirroring app. You can simply make a search and download and install any screen mirroring app which has good ratings. I have quickly done a search and here is the link.

Screen Mirroring app

You can download & install any of these as you think suitable. I recommend going through the reviews and then decide.

Step-4: Install Kodi on Android

Now again go back to Google play store and from there download & install Kodi on your android device.

Step-5: Mirror Your Screen

This is the final step and so far we have all the installation & configuration required to mirror Roku 3. Here open the screen mirroring app you installed on android and connect to Roku 3. Now project your android phone on Roku 3 and play the videos using Kodi. This way you will be able to mirror Kodi on Roku 3 wirelessly.

How to install Kodi on Roku 2

This is the last section for this tutorial on how to use Kodi on Roku TV. In this section, we will install Kodi on Kodi on Roku 2. Just again follow the below steps to get it done!

Step-1: Get the required cables and connect

Again we need the same setup like HDMI cable. Connect your Roku device to HDMI cable and switch on both Roku device and TV.

Step-2: Enable screen mirroring on Roku

Again activate the screen mirroring on your Roku device as we did in the last section. You can follow these steps combination: Roku Settings> System> Screen Mirroring> Activate

Enable Screen Mirroring

Step-3: Install Kodi and open PC setting

Here install Kodi on your Windows PC and then open PC settings. In many laptops by pressing F4, you can get the mirroring windows. Here select “Connect to a wireless display”.

install kodi no pc

Step-4: Connect to Roku

Once you’ll select Connect to a wireless display, you will be able to find your Roku device. Connect with that to stream Kodi on Roku TV.

connect to Roku

Step-5: Enjoy Kodi on Roku TV

Now open Kodi on your windows system and play some video. And enjoy the same now on your Roku TV.


These were the simple yet detailed guide to install Kodi on Roku TV 4, 3, and 2. Hope by following these steps you’ll be easily able to mirror Kodi screen on Roku TV.

Just follow this guide and enjoy Kodi on Roku TV and let us know if you will face any issues in the comment box.

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