iPhone 7 Specifications, New Features, Expected Additional Technology and Changes

iPhone from Apple is the best smartphone which the world prefers to buy and use for more stability and security reasons. Moreover, iPhone nowadays became the status symbol also. With the launch of iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, and 6s plus Apple have entered the market of 5+ series. All the 6 series models are alike as per previous versions of iPhone with a difference of screen size. Now in next flagship of Apple which would be iPhone 7 specifications we are expecting something completely different and new, although iPhone 7 will also come in Silver, Gold, Rose Gold and Space Grey color options.

iphone7 Specifications

iPhone 7 Specifications

iPhone 7 Specifications, New Features: iPhone 7 will also embed with the new Apple A10 processor and M10 motion coprocessor. Apple has introduced first time the 2GB RAM in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus and we are expecting the same in iPhone 7 also. The iPhone 7 will ship with iOS 10 installed. Expect Apple will unveil a new iOS X at WWDC.

In iPhone 6 and 6 plus Apple has introduced the upgrade of the camera from 8MP to 12 MP. In iPhone 7 we are expecting a 13 MP of Camera as like the other smartphones providing nowadays. The screen resolution would be same as like 6 and 6s but may be some count of pixels could be increased as Android is providing FHD and Ultra HD Screens, so we expect around 400 ppi in the 7s series of iPhone.

As like the other things screen size will again be the big question. But as per sources iPhone 7 will come in 5 and 5.7 inches of screen size.

New Headphone Jack

iPhone 7 Specifications the older days all the phones are having different headphone jacks, some are big and some are small. A time came now when all the manufacturers are using the same 3.5 mm jack for headphones by which the user can use their older accessories also with the different devices. Apple is in the news now to change that 3.5 mm jack to a smaller size and iPhone 7 is expected to come with a 2 mm headphones jack.

In iPhone 7 Specifications it is also expected to come as waterproof. Apple is working on the ideas of making all the new coming iPhones as waterproof without changing or compromising on the design part. Instead of making the outer part waterproof Apple is thinking of making the inner electronic parts waterproof coating, so if by mistake the water goes inside, the electronic circuits will not be damaged. iPhone 7 is having some new design features and one of them is the sidewall display same like we have seen in Galaxy S6 Edge or Edge Plus. iPhone 7 could look like edge to edge display and it will look much prettier.

Another rumor from an Apple patent is the fingerprint sensor with touch id. iPhone 7 Specifications is expected to have this feature. In the current versions of iPhone the touch id fingerprint sensor is situated with the Home button. In iPhone 7 it is expected to come on the entire screen display, which actually removes the need for the Home button and the screen size can be enlarged without changing the actual size of the model.


Apple is thinking of introducing a new technology or feature in the iPhone 7 and that is e-sim. As by name it is very much clear that after the introduction of e-sim there will be no need of the physical sim cards which we are getting all over from every operator and with all different sizes. With the e-sim technology, the portability will be much easier and we guys don’t have to carry the Sim card jack with us every time. It will make easier to switch the carriers while in roaming or at home network.

Reversible USB Charger

Reversible USB Charger is one another plus point which we are expecting in the upcoming iPhone 7. This iPhone charger will be having a lightning connector on one end and on the other end, there will be a reversible connector. For more details on Reversible USB Charger please have a look at the below video.

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