5 Steps in Improving Local SEO

The world has shrunk into a small village. You do not have to miss that chocolate brand just because you are traveling, and you have no idea where can buy one. A search engine can do the search for you and pinpoint the nearest shop can get it. You will also be provided with a telephone number, the price, and even a map to guide you to the shop. But how do search engines rank the local businesses? How are they able to connect you to the nearest seller? Local SEO is a vital traffic and sales enhancer for any business. You should use it to increase your traffic and sales. These 6 easy steps will help you to improve your local SEO ranking so that you can be the favorite shop to any visitor in your locality. You need Google SERP tracker to monitor the progress of your ranking as these suggestions start to take effect.

local seo improvement steps

#1 Open a Google My business Profile and Bing Places for Business

Since Google is the largest search engine, you can start by opening Google My Business profile. Then you can proceed to Bing and other search engines. For you are ranked in local searches, Google My Business profile is a must. This is where Google will get all the information concerning your business. Be careful when you give the information because Google hates repetition and duplication. Provide the map to your business as clearly as possible. Let the contact you give be the same as in your website. It is this contact client will use to call you so let this be known by the person who will receive the call. To create this profile is simple and is free. It will not take more than twenty minutes of your time. You can check if this information is accurate for the region using VPN servers for a local IP address.

#2 Ensure there is no duplicate profile

Just like the way search engines don’t like duplicate entries in your blog, it also hates duplication in the profile. Double content just confuses it. It fails to differentiate the duplicate from the original. To save it time, it will rank you last and proceed to with the more serious websites. It is therefore important to check if any of your employee or partner has already created your business profile without your knowledge.

#3 Sign up on business directories and listings

The link signal from online directories and listings is a vital factor in how your business will be ranked in local searches. Link your business on Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Merchant Circle, City Search, Better Business, and Yellow Pages. There are many other websites which can list your company, but these are the most famous.

#4 Ensure that your NAP information is accurate and get customer reviews

The Name, Address and Phone (NAP) of your business should be accurate and exactly as it appears on your website. This is going to be your identity in search engines. If it differs from the information on your website, search engines cannot rank you high and it will also make your clients be confused.

Customers’ reviews are the best evidence that you are selling products and the products are making an impact on people. Search engines love sites with customer reviews. This is evidenced by high ranking. Unfortunately, to get customer reviews is tiresome and time-consuming. You have to request and implore the customer to give you a review. You can use email, phone calls or direct contact to get the reviews. Though it can take you some time before you get dependable reviews, rewards are worth the effort.

#5 Make your website mobile friendly

Now a day more searches are done via mobile devices than ever before. The era of personal computers and laptops as a major means of surfing the internet is gone. Mobile devices come will almost all features found in personal computers. People can now surf the internet on the move, on cars and trains and even when relaxing on a beach.

It is unfortunate some businesses have refused to adjust. Do not be among them. Websites which are mobile friendly beats those that are not both on local SEO ranking and on sales.

The competition for clients in online businesses has reached the climax. The new battleground is between online business and offline business. Some few years back, it was unimaginable that an online business can engage an offline business and successfully and lead in sales. This success of the online business is possible because of internet ranking local business for local customers. You can’t afford to be left behind. Utilize the above steps and you will see your local ranking improve leading to increase in sales and profitability.

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