pay per call earning potential

Pay Per Call Earning Potential Calculation- There is a lot of buzzes around looking at the earning potentials from the pay per call advertisements. This is getting even more required when we say, pay per call ads are not just for the small profit margin or small ticket size business.

Pay Per Call works amazingly well for the later there digit margin or even higher ticket size. So, in this post, we are going to talk about what will be your estimated earning potential with these pay per call ads and lines.
pay per call earning potential

Again, the pay per call earning potential depends on various factors like-

  • The niche where you are working
  • The payout you are providing
  • The call per minutes
  • Conversion rates
  • Ticket size and various other stuff

And so, will consider few scenarios here and based on those will try to calculate the pay per call line earning for your pay per call campaigns.

Let’s say you are paying for the call at $5 per call with an additional $2 per minute after 10 minutes. And you received a call which went to 20 minutes, which is quite normal in pay per call ads.

For this 20 minute of the call, you will pay around $5+$30 which means a total of $35. The other arrangements like tracking software and other infrastructure may cost you $5 per call.

So, for a single call, you are offering around $40-$50 including the other expenses like manpower. Now let’s say your pay per call conversion rate is around 20% which is considered as the standard in pay per call advertisements.

So, for 100 calls you will spend somewhere $4000-$5000!

Now estimate that your ticket size is around $800-$1000 and out of 100 calls you are converting 20 calls. So, your total order value will be around – $16000- $20000

Again, the profit will depend on what product or service you are selling. If you are selling a product then you need to consider the product cost. If your product cost is around $200 then the total cost of the product will be $4000. So, total cost including calls and product will be $8000-$9000. And hence the profit will be around $7000-$11000.

But if you are providing service or consultation, this will be even more, and you can sum up some stunning figure here.

As you can see with every 100 calls, you are able to manage around $7K-$10k and this is usual as well in pay per call advertising. But all these figures depend on various factors as we described above.

Here are some of the checklist those you should consider while running the pay per call campaigns-

  • Don’t go for very small ticket size and [profit margin services or products with pay per call campaigns.
  • Look for the verticals where it works better and if your offerings are from these niches, better for you.
  • Make sure to use call tracking software for a proper hold on the pay per call campaigns
  • Look for the pay per call networks list and then compare those for the features and offerings
  • Make use of IVR if multiple department or people are involved.

Conclusion – Pay Per Call Earning Potential

These were all about the pay per call earning potential calculation with the pay per call campaigns. You must evaluate the factors we have mentioned here at the start so that you will have a fair idea of your estimated pay per call estimated margin.


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