Beginners guide to Phone Call Ping Trees

If you are working in the lead business or advertising system then you might be aware of the term ping tree or ping post. But for others, this may be a new term. But nothing to worry, we are going to talk about the basics of ping post.

Beginners guide to Phone Call Ping Trees

What is the ping post?

It is basically a method of lead distribution where we send partial lead information to potential buyers. This allows them to return a dynamic bid for those leads. This gives the more by a fair idea about the lead and based on those they select whether to buy or not.

The ping post software for the sellers collects the bid and sort them and then delivers the full lead information to the winners of the bid. The sorting usually getting done based on either price or priority.

The best thing with the ping post is, all the process is getting handled automatically and that too in real-time. You don’t have to put any manual effort. One thing that you should note here is, your leads should be cleaned and unique.

Who uses ping post software?

This is again a valid question and is good to understand who all should use ping post software. There are many niches where ping software can be used but the majorly falls in the following two categories-

1. The bidders or buyers who are looking to buy the leads for their business. This includes the customers like a company dealing with cosmetic products might ping the sellers to understand what kind of niche they have and their zip details. This will help them understand the location of the niche.

2. The second category is for the companies who are lead sellers. They’re responsible to send partial lead information and communicate with the customers. And later whoever win the bid, the complete lead details will be sent.

How to buy leads via ping post?

Now the next question is how to buy the lead using the ping post. Here comes the power of ping post where you can manage multiple buyers if you’re a seller or multiple sellers if you’re a buyer. You can communicate with them on the same platform and get it finalized.

How to sell leads via ping post?

Although there can be few variations almost all kind of platforms works in a similar fashion. Here you can sell the leads to multiple people at the same time. Using the software, the lead will be sent to the potential buyers and partial information will be passed to the potential customer.

Static vs Dynamic Pricing

Ping Trees for Phone Calls is not just for the dynamic pricing but also work best for the static pricing. The sellers can set both static and dynamic pricing. So, it suits the best for both kinds of buyers and sellers.


These were all about the beginner’s guide to the ping post. I hope you got some idea about the ping post and how to get started with the ping post in lead software.


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