In recent posts we have talked a lot about Kodi Addon and how to install Kodi on Roku TV. Now let’s talk about one of the most common issues we face. Here in this post, we’re going to talk about-  So, these,, and are related to Kodi and in this post we’re going to solve these issues.

There can be many scenarios when you might get a little irritated when you receive the errors like-, or, or

But the good thing is, these are pretty normal issues which can be fixed permanently. And in this post, we will solve streaming issue completely.

What are,,

Before going into the details of these issues and corresponding permanent solution, let’s talk about what are these?

If you are fond of web then you might be knowing also. If not then,, are the world’s top video hosting platforms. Most of the kodi addon developers uses these,, sites to scrap the videos and use it in their app. And all these scrapings are being done automatically. Mostly they write a python script for it or similar web scraping techniques are being used.

And so, the error you might get while using these kodi addons are-

  1. stream authorization error
  2. stream authorization error
  3. stream authorization error

But nothing to worry as we have found the solution for you. And now you longer have to spoil your plan while watching your favourite videos or movies just because of these errors.

What are and stream authorization error

As I mentioned earlier,,, and are the world’s largest video hosting sites. And millions of HD videos are hosted there which you can find my searching through the site.

And this is the reason, thousands of open source developers keep on sending the request to these servers to serve the videos. Due to these large number of requests the loads on these servers increases and consumes more resources. And as a result these,, companies have started asking to pair the device.

How to fix and stream authorization error on Kodi

Now as you have a fair idea about the error, why it comes, now let’s work on the fixes. Just follow these steps to fix and stream authorization error.

Step-1: Open a web browser

To get started, open any web browser. We prefer here Google chrome. Also, before doing this, we recommend you using any VPN. There are many free Kodi VPN available in the market which you can use.

Step-2: Open the site- or

Now out of the site,, and whichever gives you error open that. For example, let’s say you are getting authorization error then type this URL in the browser-

Step-3: Check captcha box

Here you need to check the captcha box showing at the start of the “i’m not a robot” option. Once successfully verified, you will get a green sign as shown below-

Step-4: Activate Streaming

This is the final step when you have to click the big blue button asking to activate streaming. Once done, your IP address will be activated for 4 hours.

If you have a premium account then this activation will be valid for a longer period but for the free account it is for 4 hours. But no need to worry as you can follow the same process again and activate your IP for another 4 hours.

Bottom Line

These were all about how to fix, error on Kodi. I hope I was able to explain what these errors are, why it comes and how to fix these.

Please try this method to fix and error on Kodi and let me know if you still face this issue. Will be happy to answer in the comment box!


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