Microsoft’s Bing is Performing Well in Search Engine

Bing is a web search engine. The latest search of Microsoft offering Bing Search is live now. The new Bing Search replaces the Live Search that has failed to compete with search engines such as Yahoo and Google. The Live search is being redirected to the Bing Search.

BIng Search

As there is a tough competition against Google, Microsoft has reformed its search engine Kumo but launched it in the new name, Bing. Microsoft still wants to strike a partnership with Yahoo in order to rise in the search engine market.

The competition is easy at all. Last month, Google handled 9.5 billion out of a total of 14.8 billion searches. Yahoo was in the second position with 20.4 percent of searches followed by Microsoft at 8.2 percent. Microsoft calls its search engine a Decision engine rather than a normal search engine as it will pull out close relevant search automatically. The webmasters could take the advantage of Bing search engine by submitting soon their websites or blogs, and register the sitemap so that the crawling process will be faster.

Various good features available in Bing are:

1. Bing Search

The different tabs are available on the home page such as videos, images, maps; shopping etc on the left-hand side or it might be on top for regional pages. In the search result, there is a hover item on the right side that gives more information about the page available in the result.

You can actually see the news search related searches, on the left-hand side of the search. Search history is a feature by which you can track all your search keywords. You can turn off this feature in preferences.

2. Image Search

To do an image search, click on the Images link and enter the keyword. You can filter the search result based on Layout, Size, Color, People, and Style.

3. Advanced Search

Advanced search can be done for a language and domain and country.

4. Video Search

The left-hand panel on video search can be used to filter videos based on screen size, length, resolution, and source. If you hover over any video, it plays the videos inside the search itself. With this feature, you can actually view the video even if the video site is blocked or not available.

5. Bing Shopping

The shopping search shows the best prices with the Cash back offer available on the products. So, Bing Shopping allows you to decide on the best available offer for any products.

6. Save and Share Search

This feature is optional and you have to opt-in to use it. Currently, only Microsoft Silver light users have access to this feature. With this feature, you can save your search results to share with Face book friends or Windows Live Sky drive or email.

You can customize the search result in preferences and also set up your cash back account. It can be accessed using the extras link on the top right-hand corner.

7. RSS feeds

You can subscribe to the RSS feed of any search by appending &format rss to the search result URL if you want to get the RSS feed of any search result as there is actually no direct way to get it.

So, we can say that Microsoft’s Bing is doing well even in this tough competition.

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